Electric Vehicles (EV) – Time to Get One?


Thinking what to get for your next car?

Before I actually flood your screen with words, allow me to just show you some news clips below (alright, I’ll admit it, I’m probably just lazy, but hey, picture speaks louder than words, no?).


With the Paris Climate Agreement in place, there is a more structured approach and commitment for countries to reduce their carbon footprint. Although I don’t think Malaysia is going to outright impose a ban on petrol or diesel cars by 2030, there are ongoing talks and discussion on the possibility to do so in phases.

Hence, good idea to explore around a possible hybrid or EV in the near future. For starters, here‘s a reference list of the aforementioned in Malaysian market – by Carbase.my.

Admittedly the pricing remains kind of on the higher side comparatively to petrol cars of the same segments, since the government ended tax breaks to electric and hybrid vehicles a few years back.

And in any case if you are pondering on the struggle to charge your future EV –


Choice is yours.

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