Samsung Galaxy Note FE


In case if you are wondering, FE stands for Fan Edition.

According to Samsung Malaysia Electronics product marketing head Julian Thean, the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is a new device that was assembled using unused components from the Note 7.

This is also part of Samsung’s commitment to lessen the carbon footprint and be environmentally-friendly, he said.

Or probably just a nice way to say they are to recoup whatever they can from the loss-making Note 7. Oops.

Anyhow, the model will be launched in Malaysia on Oct 25 at the recommended retail price of RM2,599. Two colour options are available namely Coral Blue and Black Onyx.

Gosh, they are just getting better at naming the colours. Don’t be surprised if you see “Darth Vader Black” in the near future.

Comparatively, if you do recall, Note 7 retailed at RM3,199, with the latest Note 8 currently retailing at RM3,999.

According to Samsung, Malaysia is one of the first South-East Asia countries which will be getting the device after the company’s home base of South Korea.

Get more information on the model’s specifications here.

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