Ippudo Japanese Drinks Fest


Join IPPUDO @ Bangsar Shopping Center for a fun night at 26th January (Friday) that gathers people together for a free flow of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks with food!

For only RM 108+ per person, you get
☆ 2 types of bottomless Sake!
☆ 1 type of bottomless Shochu!
☆ 2 types of bottomless Beer!
☆ 3 types of bottomless Chu-Hi (Shochu Highball)!
☆ 2 types of bottomless Sake-based Cocktail!
☆ 2 types of bottomless Flavoured Soda!

Bottomless Snacks:
☆ Salted Popcorn
☆ Ham Sticks

Reservations and payment before arrival is required as reservations would be closed when there are 50 guests. Join by messaging here or emailing marketing@ippudo.com.my with your Name, Phone Number and Number of Pax by 22nd January.

Act NOW.

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